W.Skin Milky Perfect Cleansing Foam 120ml

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 Excellent skin nutrition, Contain milk protein extract

  • Milk is a product that contains about 200 nutrients necessary for the human body and helps maintain glossy and healthy skin through nutrition.
  • It is also effective in hydrating, controlling the oil and moisture balance of the skin, and removing wastes
  • It keeps skin moist even after washing your face, preventing moisture from evaporating, making your skin bright.

Rich Micro Foam

  • Foam that is abundant even in small amounts
  • Rich foam cleanses pores thoroughly

Black food from nature, ingredients that can trust and relax

  • Black Rice Extract : Contains anthocyanins that help you develop a lively and healthy skin
  • Black Sesame Seed Extract : Contains antioxidants that make your skin elastic
  • Black Bean : Contains vitamin E that helps maintain glossy skin

How to use:

1. Put an appropriate amount on hand and lather enough.

2. Rub gently as if you're massaging your entire face.

3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.