Urgosterile 10cm x 9cm (50Sachet/Box)


About this product

  • Dressing with a high cutaneous tolerance
  • Absorbs fluids
  • Allows the wound to breath
  • Provides complete protection due to its stretchable backing
  • Painlessly remove


  • Clean and disinfect the wound and its surrounding area with an antiseptic solution
  • Rinse with a sterile saline solution and dry using a sterile compress.
  • Open the sachet and remove the dressing.
  • Remove the 1st protective tab and position the dressing centered on the wound, avoiding touching the adhesive part with the fingers. The wound must be totally covered by the compress (central part).
  • Apply the dressing, gradually pulling back the 2nd tab and smoothing down the edges, without creating any tension on the skin or the dressing.

Renew the dressing according to the instructions of use every 24 to 48 hours depending on the wound condition or the dressing.