Takabb Anti-Cough Pill Original Flavour 8g T/1's



A traditional Takabb Anti-Cough Pill established for over 70 years. It is one of the famous herbal remedied product for reducing cough, sore, throat and crackling in Thailand. Herbal pills can also be taken to freshen breath and bronchial irritation or ocasional minor irritation.

Dosage : 2-4 pills
Directions : Dissolve slowly in your mouth 4 times daily
Properties : Soothing (refreshing) dry, irritated, and sore throat; relief of coughing; dissolve phlegm.
Instruction : Take 2 - 4 pieces of Takabb by mouth and let it slowly dissolve; suitable for children and adult consumption.
Active Ingredients (per 100g) : Gambir 29.08%, Licorice 35.65%, Licorice Extract 0.99%, Cinnamon 3.28%, Clove 1.99%, Amanum 1.30%, Saussurea 1.30%, Ginger 2.67%, Fennel 3.66%, Menthol 3.66%, Sweet Hydrangea 1.81%, Borneol 2.29%, Other 9.32%,
Suitable for adults and children.