Serum Physiologique (BOX/5ml*40 Doses)



Sterile physiological serum
100% plant-based
Medical device

Physiodose Single-dose Sterile Physiological Serum is made from a sugar-cane ethanol.
This is a pharmaceutical quality product, with no additives.
Recommended for infants, children and adults for a nasal and ocular hygiene, ear rinsing and wound washing.
Suitable as an inhalation in aerosol therapy.
100% plant-based packaging.

Usage :

  • To wash baby's nose with physiological serum:
  • tilt his head back,
  • gently introduce the tip into his nostril and press lightly on the unit dose (repeat for the other nostril),
  • straighten baby's head to let the phlegm drain out, then wipe off the excess,
  • do not blow his nose violently for 10 minutes.
  • Apply a minimum of pressure in order to avoid any risk of contamination of the middle ear.

Use up to 6 times a day, depending on baby's needs.

For washing baby's eyes:

  • pour a few drops of solution in each eye,
  • wipe off the excess with a compress,
  • repeat for the other eye with a new compress.

For washing baby's ears:

  • rinse the external auditory canal with physiological serum,
  • use one dose of physiological serum for both ears,
  • wipe off excess liquid with a compress.