Ryukakusan Bluberry Lozenges

There is nothing worse than a cough drop tasting horrible like medicine. This herbal candy, on the other hand, has the flavor of cassis (blackcurrant) and blueberry, so you can enjoy it as if you were eating a normal candy.

This product is formulated with Ryukakusan’s original herb powder and 19 herb extracts. If you wish to refresh your throat, this candy is the one for you.

Despite it being a sugarless candy, it tastes fruity as it is seasoned with genuine cassis and blueberry juices. You can also consume a rich amount of vitamin C and polyphenols that are derived from these fruits.

Usage: ? recommended dose per day is 6 tablets. ? directly, please enjoy without chewing. ? This product is, disease or healing by high intakes, is not intended to improve health than. Please observe the recommended dose per day.