PAXMOLY Real Vita-C Mask

Description: Pax Moly Real Vitamin C Mask Pack is grazed with created essence and is protected for all skin types with nature-formed ingredients that are hypoallergenic. It is specially created with sea buckthorn to help your skin recover from environmental aggressors. Enhanced with accredited KFDA ingredients. Its materials are powerful. Enhanced with axiomatic KFDA ingredients. Basically, this mask pack is a beauty product that soaks a high intentness serum on the sheet and supplies moisture and nutrients to your skin at the same time. Sleeping with a mask pack is a simple shortcut to dry skin, especially when it comes to your skin, and then you look beautiful.

.This Mask contains powerful anti-aging properties.
.It can fade acne, scars, and blemishes.
.It can give you healthy and glowing skin after using this product.
.Moisturizes your skin.
.Whitening (Niacinamide) your skin tone.
.Anti-aging (Adenosine) problem solutions for your skin.
.Tone up the skin with a natural light fragrance.
.Brightening your skin.
.Balance the skin, for all skin types.
.Nourishing your skin, Rich Vitamin C in.
.It can help your skin repair.

Step-1: After cleansing your face, soothe your face and take the mask out of its packaging. Step-2: Land the mask on your face and position it. Step-3: Let it stay for about 20 minutes and then remove the mask. Step-4: Pat the residual essence on your face for better moisturizer. • Use cold in the summer: Before using, keep the package in the refrigerator to enjoy a refreshing and cooling mask. • Use warm in the winter: Before using, soak the package for about 2-3 minutes in 50-60C warm water to enjoy a soothing and warming mas