PAXMOLY Aloe Vera Sooting Gel Jeju Aloe 300g

Product description:
The gel is lightweight and transparent, leaves no sticky and greasy film after application. Soothes effect, deeply moisturises the skin, restores its elasticity and firmness. Protects against harmful environmental influences and ultraviolet radiation. It is essential in the care of all types of face and body skin as the main moisturiser, also as an after-shake balm. Recommended for sunburn and thermal burns - neutralises redness, itching and irritation. Aloe Vera extract provides multi-level skin protection. Long-chain aloe polysaccharides spread on the skin surface and form a moisture film, while shorter chained polysaccharides penetrate the skin and stimulate the Langerhans cells responsible for the immune system. In addition, the polysaccharide film protects the skin from UV radiation. The extract contains over 160 components. These are amino acids, vitamins, minerals. Possesses bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, stimulates blood circulation, moisturises the skin and helps it retain moisture, relieves inflammation. Has softening, moisturising properties. Effective on aging skin, acne. It has a strong healing and regenerating effect and increases the elasticity of the skin many times as it contains a special substance - lignin. It helps in the penetration of moisture and enzymes into the deep skin layers and improves metabolic processes. Application methods: 1. As a moisturiser or mask. You can add different oils to the gel and apply it to your face. It moisturises the skin, soothes the skin, removes irritation and dandruff, smooths and gives exceptional suppleness. 2. As a moisturising makeup base. 3. Like an aftershave cream. Perfectly soothes sensitive skin and provides plenty of moisture. 4. As a revitalising hair mask.