Olcuf Plus Syrup 120ml

DESCRIPTION: Olcuf Plus Cough Syrup - Sugar Free is a traditional herbal
medicinal product containing Ivy Leaf Extract, Thyme Extract
and Licorice Extract which are well known for their beneficial
role as expectorants, cough suppressants and for their soothing

- Supports and strengthens healthy lung function. - Acts as a bronchodilator, cough suppressant, expectorant,
mucolytic and spasmolytic agent.
- Relieves chest congestion, soothes the mucus membrane of bronchial walls and restores normal breathing.
- Acts as an antitussive and has a smoothing effect on scor throat.

.Children below 6 year : 12ml, 2 time daily
.Children 6-12: 5ml, 2 time daily
.Children above 12 year and adult: 5ml, 3 time daily