Miracle Foot Repair Cream 226g

About this item:
  • 60% PURE ULTRA ALOE FORMULA - Our Miracle Foot Repair Cream's 60% ultra aloe concentration enhances softening, even on the toughest calloused areas.
  • SOOTHING FOOT REPAIR - Keep your feet feeling smooth, moisturized, and protected all day long as our cream heals and restores your feet's natural beauty.
  • DIABETIC SAFE - Use our diabetic safe foot cream as part of your foot care lotion routine, prioritizing overall foot health.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO CRACKS - No more painful cracks on your heels! Our cream will keep your feet smooth and soft, reducing the appearance of heel cracks.
  • FAST-ACTING MOISTURIZATION - Our cream quickly penetrates to the epidermis of the skin, deep down where foot skin problems begin, to soothe and soften your feet.