Klean & Kare Nasal Adaptor



Nasal Irrigation washes the nasal cavity with saline solution, clearing out excess mucus and allergens. while moisturizing the nasal cavity. Nasal irrigation helps reduce postnasal drip,sneezing, and congestion, which is a helpful adjunct in the treatment of non-allergic rhinitis and allergic rhinitis for a better breathing through the nose. The recommended solution for nasal irrigation is normal saline solution (sodium chloride 0.9% w/v)(4).


  • Wash your hands and syringe;and “Klean & Kare Nasal Adaptor.”
  • Fill the syringe with the normal saline solution.
  • Put “Klean & Kare Nasal Adaptor” on the syringe to turn regular syringe into the nasal syringe.
  • Lean over the sink with your head bowed slightly, hold your breath, and keep your mouth slightly open.
  • Insert the tip of the syringe into your nostril. Gently push the solution up to the nostril. The solution will flow through nasal passages and drain out the opposite nostril into the sink.
  • Gently blow your nose. Small amount of the solution may drain into the back of your mouth, just spit it out.
  • Repeat steps 2 - 4 with your other nostril. When you are done, you will notice you can breathe much better through the nose.