Hatomugi the Body Milk 400ml

  • Body lotion is formulated with coix seed extract, a natural moisturizing ingredient that creat smoot, clear skin with a pearl-like glow. Skin remains hydrated all day long, with a non-sticky finish.
  • Leads to a beautiful and transparent skin with the beautifying effect of Hatomugi. smoothly cream that is familiar with the skin spread, and it is a finish that does not stick.
  • Natural moisturizing ingredient: It is a body lotion which contain Hatomugi extract.
  • Fresh skin like clear
  • It lead to the skin of beautiful transparent appearance with beautiful skin effect of pearl barley.
  • Protect the moisture of the that tends to be clingy and keep it moisturized throuugh the day.
  • Cream familiar to the skin smoothly rise, it is finish without stickness.
  • How to use: take an appropriate amount and apply it so that gently message the whole body.