Gaviscon Suspension (10mlx24 Sachets/box) (CP)

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  • sodium alginate 500 mg, sodium bicarbonate 213 mg and calcium carbonate 325 mg.
    • Indication
    • Used to treat heartburn (acid reflux) and indigestion
  • Chew 2-4 tablets after meals and at bedtime as needed (up to 4x a day)
  • For best results follow by a half glass of water or other liquid.
  • Do not take more than 16 tablets in 24 hours.
    • Side effects
  • constipation.
  • taste impairment.
  • nausea.vomiting.
  • stomach cramps.
  • diarrhea.
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist prior to starting or stopping a new medication