Dr. Somchai Acne Skin Care Soap for Active Lifestyes 80g


Indication :

  • Dr.Somchai bath soap not only helps the baby's skin clean but also limits the death of many harmful bacteria on the skin that can cause back acne, redness for young skin. Currently, puberty babies are very early, so the use of 1 type of bath soap is good for their skin and limits back acne is 1 very important thing for children.
  • Help your baby bathe the body.
  • Destroy all harmful bacteria and stains on the child's skin.
  • Removes dead skin layers that remain on the body.
  • Remove back acne and minimize back acne skin recurrence.
  • Eliminate oily, oily and sweat from the body.
  • Create a pleasant, comfortable feeling after bathing.
  • Protect baby's skin safely for 8 hours.