Dr. SOMCHAI Acne Overnight Mask Gel Acerola Cherry (6Sachets/Box)


Indication :

Acne Overnight Mask Gel Acerola Cherry X5 sleeping mask concentrated gel texture with the value of natural extracts Helps restore skin deeply Restores softness and deep hydration For clear, smooth, soft skin, acne scars fade.

  • ACEROLA CHERRY, natural vitamin C. Antioxidants fade acne scars
  • VITAMIN C and β-CAROTENE accelerate the face 5 times faster.
  • MICRONIZED SALICYLIC ACID reduce acne, reduce acne scars.
  • SHEA BUTTER and HYALURONIC ACID Restore smooth, soft, youthful skin overnight.
  • FRENCH MINERAL WATER filled with pure minerals. Strengthen the skin layer
  • How to use:

  • Apply the gel all over the face. Leave it overnight without rinsing.