Doliprane 500mg+VitaminC 150mg 16Com Effe x 2Tube/Box (CP)

$350 USD
  • Ingredients: Paractamol + Vitamin C
  • Indication 

This medicine is used to treat fever or pain, such as headache, flu, toothache, and pain during menstruation.

  • Direction 

Suitable for adults and children weighting more than 27kg, (approximately 8years).

For adult weighting more than 50kg (approximately 15 years old) can use 1 to 2 tables per time and can use drink another 1 tablets in the next 4h later. Don’t use paracetamol more than 300mg or 6times per a day without consulting with Doctor.

For the children weighting lower than 50kg, need to drink depends on the child’s weight.

Please put the tablet to dissolve completely in a glass of water and drink solution immediately.

* Please read the instructions carefully before using this medicine. This introduction contains important information to help treat your condition.

If you have any questions please consulting with your doctor.