Children's Advil Susp white Grape Flav 120ml/BTL (CP)

$1000 USD


Ibuprofen ............... 100mg/5ml 

About this item

  • One 4 fluid ounce bottle of white grape flavored Children's Advil Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer, Dye Free Children's Ibuprofen for Pain Relief, Liquid Ibuprofen for Children
  • Dye free ibuprofen liquid medicine that reduces and controls fever longer than Children's Tylenol; nothing has been proven to reduce fever faster or longer
  • Advil ibuprofen for kids relieves minor aches and pains due to common cold or teething
  • Liquid medicine with a pleasant white grape flavor and a dye-free formulation that won't stain washables
  • Liquid Advil for children ages 2 to 11 years