BNBG Whitening Vitamin C Mask (1 pc)


Vita Genic Whitening Helps supplement Vitamin C with a content of 20,000ppm with ingredients of Jeju Island Orange Extract.
- Considered a "bright white and soft" version, with the effect of lifting and smoothing the skin
- Bring healthy, shiny skin full of vitality, restore skin elasticity
- Reduces the aging process while providing enough moisture to keep the skin soft and smooth
- - Deeply nourishes the skin to help remove dark pigmentation, hindering the formation of melasma.
- - Benign ingredients, gentle and suitable for all skin types
- Super soft cotton layer, can hug the face to create an opportunity for nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin's surface faster and easier.
- The mask is made of 100% cotton to help absorb nutrients quickly, the material is quite soft, hugging the face, absorbing nutrients well. - The solution inside is thick like jelly, making it easy to massage each time.

User Manual:
Step 1: Wash your face before use
Step 2: Use a towel or cotton pad to dry your face
Step 3: Carefully remove the product from the packaging and gently place the mask on the face
Step 4: Use your fingertips to adjust the mask to cover the entire face
Step 5: After 15 minutes, remove the product from the face
Step 6: Use Toner to dry your face and use the next skin care steps