SARAYA Arau Baby Full Body Soap 450mL organic soap from Japan (CP)

$974 USD

លាងជម្រះស្បែកនិងសក់កូនអ្នកដោយពពុះសាប៊ូចេញពីគម្របដបពិសេស ផ្តល់នូវអារម្មណ៍ស្រស់ស្រាយដល់កូនតូច ពីសារធាតុផ្សំពីធម្មជាតិ100%

Wash your baby from head to toe with the soft foam of Foam Body Soap.

Tiny bubbles gently clear your baby's precious skin and hair for a relaxing and fun bath time.

The foam pump is easy to use, conveniently dispensing foam with one hand.