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For all occasions, the misting spray is the companion of the whole family both at home and at the beach. 
The Spray accompanies you throughout the day:
Beauty professionals (make-up artists, hairdressers) make it the darling of fashion shows because it helps to fix make-up or a stubborn lock, or even to remove the last traces of make-up.
 As soon as you wake up, a mist
Tones the skin.
Prepare it to receive your care cream.
When exposed to the sun, a mist
On vacation at the beach or by the swimming pool
Refreshes the skin
Relieves the skin
Soothes the skin.
During your outings, misting
It refreshes and re-boosts you, a must that accompanies you on your outings (concerts, nightclubs, etc.)
At the
office To refresh you
To hydrate you
When traveling
The spray slips easily into your handbag, your satchel ..
It refreshes and moisturizes when you travel (especially in an air-conditioned environment such as on an airplane).
The size is ideal for a short stay and easily passes through security gates.
It refreshes your makeup or helps set it when you're away from home.
Before or after physical activity
The spray slips easily into your sports bag.
Available at any time, it will make you enjoy a fresh "SPRITZ" wherever you are
It refreshes and re-boosts you when you practice your favorite sport (golf, tennis, badminton...) or exercise ( running, fitness...)