Actifed Rhume Jour12 & Nuit4 Comp/Box

Indications: It is used to relieve the feeling of a stuffy nose, runny nose, headache and fever associated with colds.

Description: ACTIFED DAY AND NIGHT: tablet; box of 12 Day (white) and 4 Night (blue) tablets
This medicine comes in two different tablets: the white tablets for daytime use contain a decongestant vasoconstrictor (pseudoephedrine) and paracetamol (antipyretic and analgesic); the blue tablets, to be taken in the evening, contain an antihistamine with a drying effect on nasal secretions and paracetamol.

Usual dosage :
- Adult and child over 15 years: 1 white tablet, 1 to 3 times during the day (morning, noon and dinner), and 1 blue tablet in the evening at bedtime.