ACNETIN-A 0.05% Cream 10g



Acnetin A Acne Cream is the best acne remedy and has the ability to effectively treat all types of acne, pustules and pimples. The cream is used to induce acne so you can quickly remove nuclei and pimples. As part of tr?tinöÌn 0.05% to help quickly and completely push pimples hidden under the skin to the surface, and then stimulate them to ripen and disappear faster than usual Besides its ability to treat acne, Acnetin A cream can also remove dead skin cells in the most natural way, unclog pores, regulate the amount of oil, and stimulate the regeneration process of damaged skin. The product is a medicine, not a cream, so there are side effects such as dry skin and worse, flaking. Therefore, you should monitor your skin changes to increase or decrease the frequency of use. In addition, you need to moisturize your skin and apply sunscreen before going outside so as not to lose the effect of the medicine. You can use the cream to apply all over the face or acne as you wish.

.For people with acne problems
.Prevents clogged pores
. Helps Reduce Wrinkles
.Reduces dark spots, reduces uneven skin tone

Acne Prevention: Apply once every night after cleansing and before bed.
Acne Treatment: Use 1 time / day for acne lesions at bedtime or at night.
Reduction of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and surface roughness: Apply topically, apply a small amount of cream all over the face every day at night or before bed.