W.Skin Cica Foot Peeling spray 200ml

$11.21 $11.80


Smooth and easy to exfoliate your feet like a baby's

  • Gentle exfoliating care on the skin
  • 18 plant-derived ingredients for gentle care without irritation to the skin
  • Simple and hygienic foot care at home with spray rather than physical irritation in the form of shaving and pushing

3 in 1 Multi Care

  •  Milk extract + 15 kinds of Red Food Complex (HD) + Chick Grass extract
  • Skin soothing and moisturizing care as well as exfoliating
  • Skin Turnover (28 days of exfoliating cycle)
  • It helps with regular skin turnovers with skin balance care at the same time as cleaning up old dead skin cells

How to use:

 1. Shake the product thoroughly before using it.

2. Spray it on areas that need to be exfoliated without moisture.

3. After 10 seconds, rub lightly with your hands.

4. Wash thoroughly with warm water.