Vitara E Double Action Moisturizing Cream 25g



Description Add moisture to the skin. ready to maintain moisture Maintain water in the skin layer to remain with the skin longer.

• Natural Vitamin E. Helps retain and maintain moisture balance in the skin. for smooth and soft skin It also helps reduce free radicals that will damage the skin. Slow down the deterioration of skin cells. Make dark spots, scars and stretch marks look faded.

• Urea 5%: helps absorb water and add moisture to the outer layer of the skin. of the epidermis Help relieve irritation. And rashes.

• Bisabolol: Chamomile flower extract. Help reduce irritation. And nourish the skin to be strong and look healthy.

• Jojoba Oil: is a natural moisturizer for the skin. that is easily absorbed into the skin Makes skin smooth and soft.

• Aloe Vera Extract: helps retain moisture in the skin. Helps reduce inflammation of the skin from sunlight. And pollution from the environment

How to use:

Apply to the skin 2 times a day, morning and evening.

Product Size Volume: 25 grams.