Vitara Aloe Vera Cool Gel Plus Cucumber 99.5% 120g/BTL



Concentrated aloe vera gel helps to reduce sunburn after exposure to the sun with (Panthenol). It helps reduce allergic reactions and restores moisture to the skin.

– Enriched with natural herbal extracts of aloe vera gel
– Protects the skin from irritation thanks to its panthenol content
– Suitable for skin that suffers from frequent allergies
– Reduces dry, scaly, rough, and itchy skin
– Provides the necessary moisture to the skin, and makes the skin soft and smooth
– Calms the burning sensation of sensitive skin, sunburn, and radiation burns
– Free of alcohol, parabens, menthol, camphor, and fragrances

How to use:
– Before use, the skin must be cleaned to be painted to remove dirt and open pores
– Take a small amount of the gel and apply a thin layer on the damaged skin
– It is preferable to rest comfortably and avoid washing it with water so that it is completely absorbed in the skin to increase the effectiveness of the use
– Suitable for use when your skin is dry or when the weather where you live gets very hot
– For use on the face and body
– Use day and night