Ukon SHUGO DENSETSU 100% 6Sac/Bag

Product Description: ticide-free
. The used Turmeric is 100% cultivate by contracted famer in Okinawa on basic of through management for pesticide-free and finest organically grown method.
.Also it is processing and manufacturing plant in a well-quality management acquired the international standard two
.Of course, We don't use any additive and coloring at all so you can take our product in safe.

.This product has an effect on before drinking, during drinking and after drinking alcohol.
.sometime they say Turmeric is effect after drinking alcohol but the active ingredient curcumin and essential oil component of turmeric have a character of sightly soluble in water and easy to dissolve in oil so we recommend you to take our product together with snack such as friend food to increase the absorption rate.
.Also if you feel you drink too much, we recommend you to take one more capsule before going to bed.

How to use:
. Take whole 1 pack(15 grain ) at 1 time with cold water or lukewarm water.
. Before drinking, during drinking or after drinking alcohol as you like.