Transparent waterproof 60x100mm, 2's (W2)


Product details

Tigerplast TRANSPARENT WATERPROOF+ W2 60x100mm (1 box contains 2 sheets)

-Absorbent sheet with fiber sheet to prevent wound sticking

 - Help the wound heal quickly and good protection 

- Waterproof transparent film Thin like natural skin, waterproof, good for showering or swimming. Flexible on the skin and well ventilated.

 ** Caution - If there is a wound. or inflammation, infection, stop using And consult a doctor

How to use

1. Clean the wound

2. Peel off the backing paper

3. Cover the plaster on the wound. Pat the plaster to be close to the skin.

4. Peel off the top plastic sheet. by pulling from the pink tab 

****Change the new plaster when the absorbent sheet is fully absorbed. Under the film there are air bubbles, damaged or leaking