Snail White NAMU Facial Jelly Wash 100ml


Snail White Namu Facial Jelly Wash is the gentle facial cleansing gel that cleanses dirt and removes excessive oil without any residues clogging pores. It also revitalizes facial skin, inhibits bacteria which is the cause of acne, heals skin, removes acne marks, reduces dark spots, and reveals clearly radiant skin. Combining with Snail Slime, Cactus (OPUNTIA FICUS – INDICA), Centella Asiatica, and Green Apple, it can cleanse and nourish facial skin deeply but gentle within one step.

•Promotes clean and healthy skin
•Softens, moisturizes, and rejuvenates skin
•Helps tighten skin pores and controls excessive oil
•Helps replenish moisture to skin
•Inhibits bacteria which is the cause of inflammatory acne
•Hals skin and removes acne marks

Direction: Squeeze the gel into the wet plm or wet sponge, apply and massage to get bubbles all over the face, and rinse with clean water. It is used to cleanse facial skin in the morning and evening or as needed.