Ryukakusan Shikuwasa Lozenges

Detail item: The popular Ryukakusan Throat Lozenges is back with a new flavor! This one contains Okinawan "shikuwasa" fruit juice.

In addition to domestically grown herbs and chamomile, Ryukakusan's 19 herb extract powder brings out the delicious bitterness of the Okinawan raised "Shikuwasa" fruit, for a delicious summer treat you can enjoy year round.

Perfect for when you need to refresh or your throat is feeling a little tired.

· Chamomile, herbal powder of Ryukoku with mainly Karin, 19 types of herbal extract formulation.
· Okinawa Shikuwasa fruit juice. In case
· Recommended when you want to refresh when you use too much thirst, dry.