Philo Soft Plus for Cracked Heel 50g/Tube


Product Description:
"Skin Care products on the feet cream type Concentrated formula for adding moisture to dry, matt, thick and rough skin as well. Makes the skin of the area soft and smooth. Smooth and remove the marks of the skin.

Philo Soft Plus 50 G

Heel cream Formulated with a rich moisturizer for the skin of the feet.

Rich in natural fatty acids Suitable for dry heels. Visible results Cracked heels

Used for dry, thick and cracked skin due to regular friction. Such as the hand, elbows, knees, feet
And And the heels help reduce the marks of the skin. And make the skin around that area soft, smooth and gorgeous


  • Salicylic acid 2%: Softens or loosens the epidermis. To provide other nutrients It is absorbed into the skin.
  • Urea Urea 9.99%: Urea cream base concentrate Helps absorb moisture of the skin.
  • D - panthenol: Helps to moisturize the skin and also reduces inflammation of the skin.
  • Vitamin E: Helps nourish the skin to be smooth, soft and moist.

How to use: Apply to the desired area 2-3 times a day, should be applied every day. To keep the skin soft and smooth all the time To prevent the skin from being thick

Product Size: Quantity: 50 g "