PAXMOLY Real Snail Mask

Benefits :
.Made this with natural snail extracts
.Whitens your skin tone
.Improves tumbler your skin
.Anti-aging solution
.Evens out your skin tone and smoothens out your skin tone
.It helps cells produce collagen and elastin in your skin
.Skin takes place more outwardly radiant and glowing
.It provides vitality and crystal clear your skin.
.It helps recover skin cells, restores skin elasticity, and provides nutrients into deep skin.
.Korea FDA approved it for whitening and anti-aging problems solution.
.This mask shape an immediate cooling sensation.
.It is assumed pores fully absorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for eventual hydration.

Usage :
.After clean your face, soothe your face and take the mask out of its packaging.
.Land the mask on your face and position it carefully.
.Let it remain for about 20 minutes in your skin and then remove the mask.
.This Pat the residual essence onto your face for better moisturizer.