Old Spice Fure Sport Roll On 68g



Old Spice High Endurance brings superior protection power to a higher level with a new formula for generating greatness. High Endurance Invisible Solid Deodorant for men confidently delivers 48 proven hours of odor protection. Because it goes on clear, it reduces those annoying white marks? on clothes. which is something that I wouldn't mind having on my side as I go through my day. Heck, come to think of it, I don't know anyone that would. Pure Sport offers a crisp/clean scent, just in case you a were wondering. Because it is an invisible solid, it goes on invisible reducing those annoying white marks on clothes, that no one wants to showcase to those around them. High Endurance is formulated to keep you smelling great longer with a long-lasting scent. So when you stand out in a crowd, it's because of how good you smell. Old Spice is a good offense without smelling offensive. Grab Old Spice today, to keep yourself fresh throughout the day.