New Ikiki Sap Foot Sheet 30Sheets/Box


About this items:

In Chinese medicine, the sole of the foot is said to be the second health warehouse. When "New Iki Iki Sap Sheet" is attached to the sole of the foot, it absorbs water and turns from white powder to solid color. Wake up refreshed by pasting it before taking a rest. Of course, when you are awake, you can use it not only on the soles of your feet, but also on your shoulders, hips, knees, calves, etc.

* There are individual differences in the color change of the sheet.


Dextrin, bamboo sap, tree sap, Houttuynia cordata leaf powder, loquat leaf powder, chitosan, vitamin C

How to use:

(1) Attach the new lively sap sheet to the fixed adhesive sheet with the printed side facing down (adhesive side).

(2) Stick it on the back of your foot or on the part you care about and fix it. The lively sap sheet oozes water and discolors and solidifies from a white powder.

* It is effective to apply it before taking a rest.