Moisture Clean pores No Alcohol



Moisture Clean Pores moisturizing makeup remover extracted from roses brand Sivanna Colors (genuine from Thailand)
Sivanna Colors rose-derived makeup remover is a water-based makeup remover product from the Thai cosmetic brand Sivanna Colors. The product is extracted from Rugosa roses, supplemented with vitamin E and HA, helps deep clean, remove makeup, dirt, sebum and bacteria on the skin, while moisturizing and tightening pores. , bringing clean, smooth, bright skin.


Deeply cleans, removes makeup, dirt, sebum and bacteria on the skin. Moisturizes, tightens pores, leaving skin clean, smooth, and bright.
Does not contain alcohol, safe for skin.

Usage: Take a cotton pad and soak it in makeup remover.
Gently wipe all over face from the inside out.
Rinse with clean water.

Subjects of use: For all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.