Medimix Body Wash Lakshadi Oil 300ml


Product Description:

With Medimix Natural Glycerine with Lakshadi Oil Body Wash, your bathing routine will never be the same. Prepare yourself for the goodness of Lakshadi Oil - an Ayurvedic herbal oil with moisturizing and soothing properties. All-natural, it gently nourishes and helps protects your skin, leaving it ever so soft. Come, let centuries of skincare secrets get you SkinFit with Fast Acting Ayurveda.


  • Get moisturized, soft skin every day with Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine & Lakshadi Oil Body Wash
  • Enriched with Infused with Natural Glycerine & Lakshadi Oil for soft skin & lasting moisture


  • Natural Glycerine: Helps to Moisturise the skin
  • Lakshadi Oil: Gently nourishes & soothes the skin

How to use:

Step 1: Pour a small amount on wet loofah

Step 2: Work up lather by massaging your skin

Step 3: Wash thoroughly and pat dry