Integrate Gracy BB cream SPF33+ 40g/Tube

Shiseido Integrate Gracy Essence Base BB is a multi-purpose BB cream for women who wish to cover wrinkles, pores, and dull skins naturally.
This cream leads you to a crystal clear skin with brighter skin tone with 5 combined features of moisturization cream, sunscreen (SPF33/PA++), makeup base, foundation, and concealer.
This product has 2 color variations: ? light beige and ? medium beige.
The concept of the Gracy series is a quality makeup with an emphasis of simplicity: it provides graceful results with a very minimal equipment and minimum application. This product is suitable for those who wish to reduce effort and time for daily makeup.

After applying a toner, take pearl-sized amount of the BB cream onto your fingertip.
Put the cream onto forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin and apply it to the entire face.
Reapply a small amount of cream to concerned area of wherever you wish to conceal in particular.
When cleansing, use a makeup cleanser to rinse the cream thoroughly.
Insufficient application may result in poor UV protection effect.