Herbday Sanitary Napkin - Ultra Thin

Herbday Sanitary Napkin - Ultra Thin (Daily) 16cm

About this items:

"For your Pleasant & Refreshing day"

Today is your HERBDAY with Aloe, Camphor, Mint, Houttuynia cordata- Feel its  herbal fragrance

Breathable Fabric: Refreshing texture with air permeablity to the lowest layer.

Multi-line Leakage Protection: Multi-line which is designed to fit your body protects leakage with high absorption.

Double-line Side Leakage Protection: Additional sheet with strong absorption for side leakage protection 


Panty Liner - 16cm, 1.2g / 20 pads (1 pack)

Medium - 23cm, 4.75g / 10 pads (1 pack)

Large - 28cm, 6.15g / 10 pads (1 pack)