Fluomizin Vaginal 1x6tab

Item requires a valid prescription

Content: Dequalinium chloride.


Each tablet also contains the following inactive ingredients: Lactose cellulose (E460a) and magnesium stearate (E470b).


Fluomizin is used for the treatment of vaginal infections. It exerts its action locally within the vagina. Marked relief with regard to discharge and inflammation generally occurs within 24-72 hrs.


Usual Dose: One vaginal tablet daily for 6 days.
Always use Fluomizin as prescribed by the physician. Check with the physician or pharmacist if in doubt.
Administration: Insert the vaginal tablet deeply into the vagina in the evening before retiring. This is best performed in a reclining position with the legs slightly bent.
Interrupt the treatment during menstruation and resume afterwards.
If the patient have the impression that the effect of Fluomizin is too strong or too weak, consult the physician or pharmacist.
The discomfort (eg, itching, discharge, smell) may disappear often before the infection is completely cured. Therefore, do not stop treatment early, even when the patient does not experience any discomfort.
Fluomizin contains ingredients which do not dissolve completely, such that remains of the tablet are occasionally found in the underwear. This is of no importance for the efficacy of Fluomizin.
In rare cases of a very dry vagina, it is possible that the vaginal tablet is not dissolved and is discharged by the vagina as intact tablet. As a consequence, the treatment is not optimal. However, this is not harmful to the vagina. For prevention, the vaginal tablet can be moistened with a drop of water before insertion into a very dry vagina.
The patient should use a sanitary towel or panty liner. There is no change in colour of the underwear.
Change the underwear and towel daily and launder them at a temperature of at least 80°C. Do not double the dose to make up for the missed dose.