Cooper Etiaxil Traitement Red Roll-On



This Etiaxil antiperspirant has been formulated to effectively combat excessive underarm sweating . Its active ingredient is aluminum chloride hexahydrate dissolved in alcohol, the latter allowing optimization of the action of aluminum chloride and guaranteeing an antibacterial function . 

Applied to the armpits at the desired frequency, Etiaxil Détranspirant Armpits Peaux Normales acts directly on the sweat glands and thus regulates their flow of perspiration . The glands thus treated fall asleep while remaining intact.

Without perfume.

Etiaxil antiperspirants act directly on the phenomenon of perspiration. It acts on the surface and on the walls of the sweat duct, Etiaxil allows a reduction in the diameter of the sweat duct. The sweat gland then regulates itself and no longer produces sweat. She puts herself "at rest".


Apply in the evening before bedtime on clean, dry and healthy skin. Allow to air dry naturally. The next day, wash the armpits with soap and water.
The effectiveness of the product makes it possible to space out the applications. At the start of treatment, apply Etiaxil 2 consecutive evenings per week. As soon as the desired level of comfort is reached, reduce the frequency of applications at your convenience: 1 evening out of 3, then 1 evening out of 4, then 1 evening per week.

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Active Ingredient:

Alcohol Denat., Aluminum Chloride, Dimethicone Copolyol.

What are the precaution for use?

After shaving or waxing, wait 48 hours before applying this deperspirant for normal skin.

Presentation Packaging

Etiaxil Normal Skin Armpit Remover is available for purchase in our online pharmacy in a 15 ml or 50 ml roll-on.

Generally, excessive sweating is not related to any particular health condition. This phenomenon is called localized hyperhidrosis, it mainly affects the armpits, feet and hands. To fight against excessive perspiration, Etiaxil has designed this antiperspirant for armpits with normal skin. Deodorant, antiperspirant and deperspirant should always be used on dry, healthy skin. There are also antiperspirants for the foot.