Cooper Etiaxil Traitement Green Roll-On



Etiaxil detoxifiers act directly on the phenomenon of perspiration. It acts on the surface and on the walls of the sweat channel, Etiaxil allows a reduction in the diameter of the sweat channel. The sweat gland then regulates and no longer produces sweat. She puts herself "at rest".

The detoxifying deodorant Etiaxil ball lotion effectively regulates excessive sweating of the underarms and prevents the formation of annoying odors. The action of the Etiaxil deodorant deodorant does not block this natural phenomenon and provides an intense sensation of freshness and optimal comfort. The detoxifying deodorant Etiaxil ball lotion respects the most sensitive skins.


Apply Etiaxil according to the "3 S" rule and the instructions for use.

Stopping treatment definitely eliminates the effectiveness of the product and it is then appropriate to resume treatment from the beginning.

Apply every night before bedtime, avoiding any activity that could cause sweating. Apply in the evening, on dry and healthy skin. Space the uses (5 times and 3 times per week) as soon as the desired level of comfort is reached. Do not use in children.

Active Ingredient:

Alcohol denat, Al chloride, Al lactate, propylene glycol, glyceryl stearate, cetyl palmitate, cera microcrystalline, trihydroxystearin.