Cooper Etiaxil Traitement Brown Roll-On



Etiaxil has put all its expertise at the service of delicate and sensitive skins in this new formula DETRANSPIRANT COMFORT +. Etiaxil armpits COMFORT + integrates the patented protective complex Cpx, which balances the pH of the skin to maximize its comfort. This product gives you total control, anti-humidity and anti-odor throughout the day.

The Roll On Etiaxil Détranspirant Armpits Sensitive Skin has been designed to effectively treat the occasional or chronic strong perspiration of the underarms, while respecting sensitive and delicate skins. Applied on the underarms, Etiaxil Détranspirant Armpit Comfort + Sensitive Skin Roll On 15ml allows to rest the sweat glands, which then cease to produce sweat for a few days. The product is odorless and compatible with the use of a daily deodorant or perfume.

Active Ingredient:

Alcohol Denat, Aluminum Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Hydrogenated Castor Oil


For a better penetration of the active principles, it is imperative to observe the "3 S" rule.

1. Apply Evening The product is imperatively applied at night, before bedtime. Only a body at rest allows the product to act efficiently.

2. On dry skin Before application, the underarms must be perfectly dry (if necessary, use a drier). For the next few hours, avoid any situation that may promote sweating or moisture.

3. On healthy skin Armpits should be perfectly clean and have no form of irritation (wound or pathological phenomenon). If this is the case, treat these irritations before starting the application of the product. After shaving or waxing, follow 48 hours of delay before applying the product.

 On Evening, on a dry and healthy skin, apply the product on each of the armpits.

• Allow to air dry naturally.

• Wash the armpits with water and soap the next day.

Initially, apply Etiaxil Armpit COMFORT + every night until the desired result is achieved (normally in 2 to 3 days). Then apply it 2 to 3 times a week or as often as necessary to keep sweating under control. For very sensitive skin, use Etiaxil Armpit COMFORT + every other night (for 6 days) then 2 to 3 times a week. Stopping the treatment permanently results in the disappearance of the effectiveness of the product.