Cololo Oral Rine Cleaning Fresh Breath with Tea Tree Oil Propolis Extract 600ml

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The main active ingredient of Cololo Oral rinse is sophorolipid which is a natural cleaning agent produced by the fermentation of natural yeast. It effectively removes the protein dirt from your oral cavity, hence eliminates the man reason for halitosis.

Active ingredients:

Water, ethanol, glycerin, xylitol, sodium saccharin, menthol (mint extract), tea leaf oil, hydrolysed candida bombicola extract (soforo lipid), propolis extract (bee glue), green tea extract, caramel, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, citric acid


Natural, sweet taste

How to use:

Take an amount of 10-12ml of Cololo Oral (about 1/3 to half of the bottle cap). Rinse your mouth thoroughly for 20-30 seconds, spit the liquid into washing basin. Note: Mark inside the cap indicates 10ml liquid level. You can use it after meal or before going to bed. Do not swallow.