CHIFURE BB Cream SPF27 (No.0) 50g/Tube

Unleash the power of all-in-one beauty with Chifure BB Cream SPF27 PA++. This miracle cream is your key to achieving an effortlessly radiant, perfect skin. It's a unique blend of premium quality ingredients and cutting-edge Japanese skincare technology. The cream's super lightweight texture and color-correcting properties promise smooth application and natural coverage for an even complexion.

Sun Protection & Skin Care: With an SPF27 PA++, this BB cream offers trustworthy sun protection while ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and glycyrrhizinate hydrate and soothe your skin, keeping it fresh and supple.
Primer & Foundation: Our BB cream acts as a primer, setting a perfect base for makeup, and its titanium oxide and iron oxide give it pigment, making it double as foundation. An innovative amalgamation of dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane provides a satin-smooth finish, enhancing your skin's natural glow.