Carefree Healthy Fresh 20+4 Pink



CAREFREE® Healthy Fresh Panty Liners give you up to 8-hour germ and odor control, and extra freshness, for that clean and healthy feeling all day, everyday.

  • Up to 8-hour odor and germ control with natural tea tree extract to control the growth of odor causing bacteria.
  • Cottony soft cover for freshness and comfort.
  • Breathable backing allows air to circulate.


  1. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and water.
  2. Dry your hands using a clean cotton towel.
  3. Remove the liner from the wrapper. Peel off the piece of paper that covers the adhesive side of the liner.
  4. Lay your panty flat and place the adhesive side of the liner on the center area. It should be directly beneath your private part.
  5. When changing, pull off the used liner. Roll it up like a sleeping bag and place it inside the wrapper of the fresh liner. Dispose in a trash bin. Never flush a liner to avoid clogging.
  6. Wash your hands after.

We recommend you to change liners approximately every 4 hours.