Biore Intensive Care for Moisture while Sleeping 8 sheets



Touch and feel soft. Sealing care overnight while sleeping. For firm and supple, fluffy skin next morning.
"Moist Packing Formula" air-tight gel pack. Delivers intensively moisturizing to the depth of the corneum throughout the night.
Reduces small wrinkles from drying (effectiveness evaluation tested)
High adhesion and flexible fit design provides a secure and moisturizing seal until the morning.
For your eyes and mouth area where you are concerned about drying.


Water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, diglycolguanidine, diisostearate-2, silica, polyacrylic acid, isosteryl glyceryl, water-soluble collagen, asnaro branch extract, BG, Al, hydroxide 60, ethanol, EDTA-2Na, methylparaben

How to use: After washing your face, please use it after applying the entire face with lotion. Please do not apply milk or cream before applying the pack. The pack will come off easily. ? Peel off the transparent film and stick it on your skin, and lightly press it to prevent air from entering between your skin and the pack. The pack is not movable in the bag. Do not pull it out, just pull it out. After applying the pack, avoid the parts of the package pasted and use your normal emulsion or cream. Rest overnight with the pack attached and peel it off the next morning. The effect can be performed for about 1 hour, but it is more effective if used overnight (about 6 to 8 hours). Recommended for daily use, especially when you feel dry