BERODUAL 10ml 20mcg

Item requires a valid prescription


Bronchodilator for the prevention & treatment of symptoms in chronic obstructive airway disorders w/ reversible airflow limitation eg, bronchial asthma & especially chronic bronchitis w/ or w/o emphysema. Concomitant anti-inflammatory therapy in patient w/ bronchial asthma & steroid-responsive COPD.


Per metered dose Ipratropium Br 20 mcg, fenoterol HBr 50 mcg

Dosage/Direction for Use:

Adult & childn >6 yr Acute asthma episodes 2 actuations. Severe cases If breathing has not noticeably improved after 5 min, 2 further actuations may be taken. If an attack has not been relieved by 4 actuations, further actuations may be required. Intermittent & long-term treatment 1-2 actuations for each administration. Max: 8 actuations/day (ave: 1-2 actuations tds).

Adverse Reactions:

Cough, dry mouth, headache, tremor, pharyngitis, nausea, dizziness, dysphonia, tachycardia, palpitations, vomiting, increased systolic BP & nervousness.