BECOZYME 2ml x 12Ampoules

Item requires a valid prescription


Decription: Becozyme is a drug containing B vitamins. The drug is used to treat and prevent vitamin B deficiency in the case of complete parenteral nutrition. This is a prescription drug, absolutely do not use it on your own and only use it when absolutely necessary. In addition, the drug must be used according to the doctor's prescription according to different users.
Becozyme drug is prepared in the form of an injection solution, packed with 12 ampoules x 2ml.


Use drugs in the case of prevention or treatment of vitamin B deficiency. Support treatment of liver-related diseases, inflammatory diseases or mononeuropathy.


Becozyme is prepared in the form of an injectable solution, so patients use the drug by intramuscular injection according to the doctor's instructions. When using drugs, do not arbitrarily change the dose of the drug without the consent of the medical staff. Dosage: Intramuscular from 1-2 ampoules per day.