Beauty Fruit Detox Plum 20Grain



Beauty Fruit Detox Plum (20pieces per box)

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum is one of diet plum that really works.
You will feel the effect in matter of 4-6 hours.

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum Ingredients: Golden plum, Angelica Keiskel, Lactobacillus, Puerh tea and so on.

Depending on the individual, one or two miracle fusion fat plum packets per day fooling a meal with 300cc cold water.

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum Three Steps:
First is Detox: If users have acute constipation (include constipation history before), it is better chew 2 pills after lunch every day. Continuing 1 month no matter which status, then you will find constipation is no longer a problem as Beauty Fruit Detox Plum could eliminate constipation, remove the bad materials, and clear the body environment. If users don't have constipation, just one pill one day,continue 30 days.
Second is dissolving fat: Chewing one plum after lunch and supper (total 2 plum a day),continuing 3 months, then you will feel visible dissolving fat and weight reduction effects.Third is consolidating slimming body: Chewing one plum after lunch and continuing 2 month, it will not rebound and keep a slimming and beautiful body.