V.Rohto Eye Drop for Kids 13ml



• Main-effect: Formulated with pH & osmotic pressure.

• Creates a soothing sensation similar to real tears.

• Supplies nutrients to eyes & quickly recover eye strain.

• The combination of the active ingredients helps inhibit inflammation.

• Also reduces congestion & itchy eyes effectively.


• Aminoethylsulfonic Acid:

• An amino acid that neutralizes chlorine in swimming pools.

• Aminocaproic Acid:

• Eliminates eye redness due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

• Helps prevent other eye diseases.

• Chlorpheniramine Maleate:

• Prevents Histamine binding to receptors.

• Eliminates redness & itching caused by inflammation.

• Potassium L- Aspartate:

• Increases eye metabolism & maintains normal eye function.

• Suitable for children.


• Put 2-3 drops in the affected eye up to 6 times daily.


Always read the product label or enclosed instruction leaflet for full & accurate information before use.